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First Post

Hello, Welcome to RobbyZEN's Be Blessed Apparel. Just recently we have taken on a marketing company and have great expectations for the coming year. Our web store is under re-construction and is still active for purchasing your favorite products. I personally am very grateful to all of you who dig into this site in its current condition and find it in your heart to grab a piece of wearable art while you can. It may be in an entirely different location from day to day as we work though the start up kinks. If you have any questions or need help locating an item you like and cant seem to locate feel free to contact me at: Thank you, Be Blessed ~...

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Hello, I am posting the very first blog about RobbyZEN • Be Blessed Apparel. We have been working very hard to complete the print shop and design studio and getting ready for the design of our marketing plan.  The Web site has a bit more work to get completed and we are excited ti get it done finally! There is still much to get complete so that we can begin taking your orders as well as producing new artwork...  Thank you for all your enthusiastic support  ... RobbyZEN ~ Be Blessed

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